Create a Numpad Starting on Homerow Keys

Hello, I am new to mac. I have an older script that allowed me to make the '3' key a modifier key. So I was able to press and hold 3 and a letter to create numbers. I naturally created a numpad starting at homerow position. An example of the mappings to give you a better idea is below.

key press: results
3+h: 0
3+j: 1
3+k: 2
3+l: 3
3+u: 4
3+i: 5
3+o: 6
all the way to 9

Is there an elegant solution to this problem? Thanks you for your time.

I solved my problem my using Karabiner to remap '3' key to become a modifier key. Then a bunch of simple hotkey triggers of 3 + letter, which is actually ctrl + command + a letter activates the type key keystroke actions. The final result is clean and fast instead of trying to add control flow logic.