Create a Photo Slideshow and Show the File Name With the Photo

I need to create a slideshow from a folder containing 60 photos with each picture displaying its filename. Can this be done? It can be through the Photos app or the Preview app.
I know this is a big ask, but I really have no idea how to do this. Thankful for any help.

Why not use Keynote? That is a free, standard Mac App and its sole purpose is to make slideshows.

Need a bit more info about this -- under/over the image, composited on it, standard box or varying with text size, etc.

But I agree with @Zabobon -- unless you've a particular reason for not using it, Keynote is probably the way to go.

The issue here is not making a slideshow, the issue is automatically creating a slideshow that includes the filename of each photo on the photo, as if you were adding a caption or title to the photo manually. I could do this manually, but I have several thousand of photos I need to do this process on, 60 photos at a time, each time creating one slideshow.

-under/over the image, composited on it, standard box, anything would work. Best to locate the filename at the bottom of the picture.

RE: Keynote

I don't see anyway of automatically showing the file name in Keynote on each photo in the slideshow. If there is, then that would be great!

You'd make a macro that:

  1. Made a new presentation
  2. For each of 60 files
    a) Add image to slide
    b) Add text box to slide
    c) Type file name into text box
    d) Make new slide

Graphic Converter can do a slideshow from a folder of files and automatically put the filenames on for you -- it's a long time since I've used it, so I don't know what formatting/positioning options you have.

Graphic Converter, Photoshop -- and probably others -- can be scripted to process all your images files, compositing the name directly onto the image or resizing the canvas and adding the name above/below. You could even do that in KM with a combination of the "Modify Image" action using the "Add Margins" option plus the "Composite onto image" action. You'd then make your slideshows from those modified images.

What you do will depend on what you have available (or are willing to buy!), how you are going to present the files (sending them to other people means you can't guarantee the viewing software), how much control you want over text formatting and placement, etc.



GraphicConverter, that's it!

I have had that program since the 90s but never used it for slideshows. Works perfect!


GraphicConverter Download Page