Create a Series of Date-Stamped Folders with Descriptive Text

Within a folder create a new folder with the current date in this format xx/xx/xxxx followed by some text.

Failed with:

New Folder w- Date and Text.kmmacros (4.1 KB)

Macro Image

How to use 'Create New Folder' action to make a folder in the current location/directory?

Wiki says: This action creates a new folder at a specified location. Note: The path must be an absolute path (or a path relative to home ~).

Can the current location be specified as a variable and used in lieu of a specific location?

Use Case: Either create a weekly folder each week (every Friday for this class) or perhaps have a way to create a weekly folder for the rest of the year with this pattern.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 10.17.50 AM

Thanks for your time and effort!

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Hey Bern,

Not shocking – since Peter's macro has nothing whatsoever to do with the task you describe.

Try this one.

  1. Create a new Folder and make sure it's open and frontmost in the Finder.
  2. Run the macro.


New Series of Date-Stamped Folders with Descriptive Text v1.00.kmmacros (13 KB)

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While I can grasp some of the pieces, I don't have a clue how to think about the overall structure to formulate a plan to begin from and then why you do certain things like add 12,0,0 here: TIME(var_Year,var_Month,var_Day, 12,0,0)" I guess the first position is saying the year has 12 increments but why the 0,0?

Then there is the mysterious setting var_NextDate to var_NextDate + (6060247). 247 (Discourse doesn't like the star symbol, guess it's reserved) makes some kind of sense but 60*60 is above my current pay grade.

I could easily go on, but I don't think this a forum for this kind of explaining, nor do I want to ask for this much of your time. This code already is a gift, and it seems terrible ungracious to ask for more. "Hey dad, thanks for the car; how about a house too? And maybe throw in a yacht while you're at it, please."

I'd happily pay for a session (if you have any interest) for a walkthrough of the thinking and understanding you bring to writing. That allows some return of the generosity while providing a platform to get the particulars I need to get some traction with AS without belaboring this forum.

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Hey Chris,

Time for the annual creating of folders. I re-downloaded this and... no responses other than seeing the highlight on the selected new and open folder go dark as if something interacted with it.

The new start date is 01/07/2022 and I saw that there was a condition of "does not contain 2022 which I changed to 2023 and still nothing.

Changes with KM 10.0.2 or macOS 12.1 from KM 9.2 on macOS 10.12.6 that need to be updated?


I think there was a small change in Keyboard Maestro 10.x that caused this, but I'm not completely sure.

In any case – this version (1.01) should work.


New Series of Date-Stamped Folders with Descriptive Text v1.01.kmmacros (17 KB)


Yup, shockingly fast.

Getting my tricked out MBP in about 10 days and then it might be a case of this: (Relativistic folder creation)


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