Create a Text Expansion for your Email Address

One of the first macros you should create (if you aren't using Apple’s Text Replacements or some other facility) is a macro to type your email address in.

This is just a trivial macro with any trigger you like (I use a typed string trigger of =em=) and an Insert Text by Typing action to type your email address in.

Based on the number of folks who typo'ed their recent Keyboard Maestro 11 purchase emails, a lot of folks are still typing their email address in manually - don't do this. There is a reason that web sites have double entry for email addresses, they are very easy to mistype, and they have no allowance for mistakes, a single character wrong and it wont work.

Basically, you should never be typing your email address in manually.

The next macro to set up would be to type your name, but that's far less important since a typo in your name is no big deal.




Fully agree @peternlewis that your own email address is a must have KM Action - but I use it with a key shortcut (Ctrl-Cmd-m types my email). Variation of that shortcut are for my professional email etc.

Another text expander that I use very often is gives me today's date in YYMMDD format - so typing @td gives me 231230 (today's date), by inserting %ICUDateTime%YYMMdd%. SO handy!

Thanks & cheers & have a great 2024! --Mike

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