Create an Alias from a Path?

Hello there,

Trying to get creative in solving a problem I come up against often: I need to import a bunch of files from across a complex file tree into a specific software. I would like to do this in one go rather than individually. The software lets me bring up an import window but it takes a long time to import each path that way. If I had all the files selected in one finder window I could drag them into the software that way, but again, the complex file tree makes selecting them all difficult. I have a good way of getting a list of these file paths into a variable or clipboard, but these are large files and I would rather not copy them to a new folder just to import them in one go.

In trying to get creative I realized the software is able to import aliases of these files, and multiple files at once if those aliases all live in the same folder. Is there a way I can use KM to turn a list of file paths into a folder of aliases on my desktop? This would allow me to import all the files in one go from that folder.

If anyone has other ideas at how to solve my issue I would love to hear them, thank you!

I'm not certain if there's a simple enough way to get all the files into a Finder window with aliases like you described. But if a Finder search for the files (File > Find) could be used to reveal all the desired files then that would also show all the files in one Finder window.

Hey that just gave me an idea! If I have KM assign the files a Tag I can pull that up in the import window from the finder sidebar and achieve the same effect. Thanks!