Create Calendar Event Action

I was just looking into updating my calendar macros to use the new Create Calendar Event to replace the AppleScript I've cobbled together from various posts shared on this forum but I've got only one issue at the moment.

Is there a way to select the newly created event in the Calendar app once it's created? If not, what are the chances this could be added in a future update?

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Certainly. You can have your KM macro open the Calendar app and insert the name of the appointment in the search box of the Calendar app. If you have the name right, the appointment appears directly under the search box. If you (or your KM macro) click on that appointment, you have selected it, but if you double click on it, you have opened it.

Basically, the rule is anything you can do KM can do also.

It's not really the elegant solution I was hoping for. Problem is I have a lot of events with non-unique titles (especially in my work calendar) so when I search I get a list of results that slide from the right side of the main Calendar window.

Looks like I'll just stick with the AppleScript for now but thanks for the suggestion!

How does AppleScript help you select an event if you don't have a unique name for the event?

When using the AppleScript it automatically brings the Calendar app to the front, creates the event and then opens it, presenting me with a floating window which I can then edit further should I wish. This is the behaviour I'd love the Create Calendar Event Action to emulate.

I see what you want now. Let me ponder it.

You could have KM send the hotkey CMD-N to the Calendar app which lets your macro create a new entry and that will open the newly create event, I think exactly the way you want. What's wrong with this method? Isn't this what you want?

@Wseries is talking about the new KM11 dedicated Action Create Calendar Event.

This Action allows for the creation of Calendar Events and can potentially replace AppleScript that did a similar thing. The only problem (and I agree with @Wseries) is that the KM Action doesn't open the newly created Calendar event after it has created it.

@peternlewis - would it be possible to add this to the Action - i.e. for it to open the Calendar event it has created?

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Yes, I know. I was suggesting CMD-N as an alternative to the KM action, since he specifically said he wanted the user to have the data entry window open. That's what CMD-N does.

The ⌘–N shortcut in the Calendar app displays the Create Quick Event pop-up window which is in no way useful as it would defeat the purpose for which I created the Macro in the first place.

I know you're only trying to help but please review @Zabobon's post above. They understand and have explained this issue perfectly.

If you're happy then I should be happy too.

But you didn't understand my point. Should I clarify my point? I'm not sure. But here goes: CMD-N creates a "quick event pop-up window", which I thought would be obvious to anyone who tries it that when you put something in that window and press Return then you will get the window that you want. Here's the pop-up window:

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 18.53.53

You can put your initial data in that window, and then when you have your macro press Return, then you get the edit window that you want, right? Here's the edit window:

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 18.54.52

Isn't that the window that yo meant when you said "Is there a way to select the newly created event in the Calendar app once it's created?" If that's not what you meant, I would be honoured if you would enlighten me. My solution gets you straight there.

You can put your initial data in that window, and then when you have your macro press Return

No no no no! This comment demonstrates you do not understand the problem on a fundamental level.

Personally I learn by doing, or by downloading and studying Macros shared here by smarter people than me. This is how I have improved my knowledge of Keyboard Maestro to get the most out of this most awesome software.

This is why I will suggest, based on your replies, that your understanding of this particular issue will only improve until such time you incorporate the new Create Calendar Event into one of your own Macros, or use one of the many AppleScripts previously shared on this forum to achieve the same thing.

Isn't that the window that you meant when you said "Is there a way to select the newly created event in the Calendar app once it's created?"

Yes, that's the window alright but since I've already created the event the first part of your advice would be redundant.


Let's end the thread. I've already done what you asked, and I stand by my comments. Sometimes it's just hard to explain. Anyway, as I've said in other threads, I'm about to depart on a very long vacation, so I can't comment anymore anyway.

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