Create Calendar events from event on clipboard

I want to be able to copy a Calendar event to the clipboard, then have KM create a series of calendar events based on the clipboard data and user input. For example, I want to automatically add a “Travel To ___” event prior to the clipboard event, that would have a duration specified from user input.

There are often groups of events that precede or follow an appointment, like Prep-travel-park. I’d like to automate these as much as possible.

I’ve tried to solve this with AppleScript, but there are some glitches in the Calendar AppleScript implementation that Apple needs to fix.

Could KM create these calendar events?

Hey @anamorph,

Probably, but it would be a bit on the ugly side.

I'd go back to AppleScript and try out Shane Stanley's CalendarLib library.

Scope this out:

If you're on El Capitan make sure to download the EC version.


There is a macro I posted recently (Make Team Calendars Macro) which creates calendar entries. I’m not sure about decoding a calendar entry you have on the clipboard, but the creating part is pretty straight forward using that AppleScript.

Thanks to you both. I’m still looking into the best way to do this. If I figure it out, I’ll post the answer here.