Create floating palette subfolders?


Since the touchbar will/has disappear I want to move my touchbar trigger actions to the floating palette.

Now when using the touchbar I had buttons opening groups to show more actions... like submenus...

Since I want to move this organization into the floating palette I need a way to display "submenus / subfolder" when clicking on the floating palette.

How do I do that?

The closest I found was this but it's far from perfect since it opens a new floating palette instead of showing/opening a subfolder in the SAME palette.

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One way to begin to achieve this is to have your main Palette as a Group of Macros that Shows each of your Sub Palettes and Hides itself.

So, each of the Macros in the Main Palette Group look like this:

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(In the Macro above, "0 Palettes" is the Main Group Palette and "3 Fill Mini" is one of the Sub Palettes.)

And then in each Sub Palette Group you can have a Macro that does the same, to get you back to the Main Palette.

So, that gets you somewhere there. You will have only one Palette Showing, not two.

But the Sub Palettes will be positioned wherever you last dragged them. And they will be sized to how many items they hold. (I think that last point is why they could never simply be the “SAME” Palette, as Keyboard Maestro Palettes dynamically size themselves to fit the number of items and the length of the Macro names they hold).

Screen Recording 2022-04-27 at 09.44.25-Animated GIFF 640 12fps


EDIT: There is one way you can have some control over where the Sub Palettes are placed. In their Group Setting check "Place palette under mouse". Again, this won't achieve exactly what you wanted but it will force the Palettes to appear where the mouse pointer is (where you have just clicked on the Main Palette). Another thing to play with.

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Thanks @Zabobon

I'm pretty close but I have messed up somewhere, the behavior isn't what I wanted:

Do you have any clue of what I messed up?

Palette 0 Main Menu config:

Sub Palette 1 config:

Thanks a lot,

Nevermind, found my error!

I'll see how I can export my groups for others to understand how you solution works.

Palette 0 settings:

Macros in the Palette 0 settings:

Settings of the sub-palette Back menu item:

thanks again to @Zabobon for pointing me in the right direction!

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Glad you got it working. It can be a bit of work to set up first time but it’s worth it. Trying to answer your question inspired me to tidy up my own set of KM Palettes and Sub Palettes, which had become a bit neglected :grinning:

Gentlemen, let's be honest. KM is unique and the best app in its field. But this is not its field. Palettes are simply not suitable to replace the Touch Bar. Exactly the same functionality of the Touch Bar and much more is offered by the Notch Bar of the app BTT. (Not touch, but click)

Another thought—though it might be more work than it's worth—would be to put everything in the same group and number them to keep them in order:

00) Folder 1
01)    Folder 1 sub item 1
02)    Folder 1 sub item 2
03)    Folder 1 sub item 3
10) Folder 2
11)    Folder 2 sub item 1
11)    Folder 2 sub item 2
11)    Folder 2 sub item 3

and then get creative with enable/disabling the macros. Kind of like disclosure zones. A lot of housekeeping, though. You'd want to "automate" it or something.