Create KM/midi state responsive buttons, replicate the function of the elgato stream deck on an iPad


I’m looking to replicate the function of the elgato stream deck on an iPad. The stream deck is a hardware device that basically allows you to assign midi functions to buttons and program the buttons so that the picture on the buttons change depending on the midi state.

So for example, a button could show a play symbol when Ableton Live is playing and a different symbol when it is not playing. Or it could use any other custom pictures on computer to represent any other functions/states on the computer within any applications (such as ableton, OBS, resolume, chrome, etc). Most of the functions would be macros triggered by Keyboard Maestro, if possible. Would something like this be possible with Keyboard Maestro?

Does anyone know of an iOS app that allows you to make buttons with midi that change custom images when a midi state is triggered?

Or, if there is no iOS app, does anyone know of a Mac app that allows you to do this? If so, then i could use this on ipad with touch screen with the Duet app.

Thanks, Dan

Keyboard Maestro can do this on a Mac. You can set up Keyboard Maestro to receive triggers via MIDI, and you can have Keyboard Maestro display anything you can design in the Custom HTML Prompt window, or with a variety of other means.

If you watch the Keyboard Maestro What’s New video:

At about 1:20 in, you can see Touch OSC sending MIDI triggers to Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro displaying the state in sliders.

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Thanks Peter! A couple followups:

  1. Can this also work with buttons?

For example, I want to make state-responsive buttons that work with Keyboard Maestro macros for OBS. I use OBS for recording and streaming video, and want to make an ipad page that includes buttons for start/stop streaming, start/stop recording, and buttons for deciding which ‘profile settings’ i am streaming with. Assuming that I have made macros in Keyboard Maestro to do these functions in OBS, could Keyboard Maestro also send the state of the function to the button? Ie show me on my ipad whether OBS is currently streaming or not or show me which profile is currently on.(preferably with buttons labels on the ipad and different colors or pictures depending on which state its in)

  1. Do i need to use Custom HTML Prompt window to do this? It seems to require programming knowledge that i dont have.

I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but yes, you can build buttons and such in a Custom HTML Prompt window.

Yes, Custom HTML Prompts are definitely a relatively complex way to build a custom UI, but that's what is available as far as Keyboard Maestro goes for building UI.