Create named clipboard and content via KM Macro

I need to create named clipboards on other computers thru a macro being run.
The macro that runs will be on their computer.
It does not need to be performed remotely on the destination computer.
It is formatted text so it cannot be a variable.

ie. Create named clipboard: Interview_at_new_location
with text: Hi XXXX,

Please confirm that you received this message- (Bolded and larger font)
Your interview is scheduled for xxxx am on xxxxxxx.
Call Andy when you get there. xxx xxx-xxxx (Bolded)

Company Name
xx Lakes Ave.
Anytown NY, xxxxx

Questions? Call us in the office. xxx xxx-xxxx

OK, so how is this different from any macro run on a specific computer?

Short answer: Yes

You have at least two choices:

  1. Use the Set Named Clipboard to Styled Text action
  2. Create HTML code with the styling, and convert to rich text on the Clipboard. See
    MACRO: Apply Styling to Plain Text and Create Rich Text [Example]

Having said that, I try to avoid using Named Clipboards because of their size and lack of portability. So, I would probably go with option #2, creating rich text on the System Clipboard when I needed it.


It's not, just wanted to be clear in case anyone thought I wanted to perform this on a remote machine that was not sync'd.

Yes, this is the problem.

For all that's involved (2 other CPU's - once every couple of months this process is needed) I'll just create the named clipboard on the other CPU's manually - WHAT? =), yes manually LOL.

I appreciate your response as always.