Create new markdown file

Hi All,

A complete newbie question that I couldn't find the answer to here on the forum or anywhere else on teh web for that matter (apologies if I missed it!) - what's the easiest way to create a new markdown (.md) file with KM?

I was thinking of using a "touch" shell command or alternatively creating a file with KM's "Append Text to File" and then somehow changing the file extension to .md or even having KM opening up TextEdit and saving a .md file from there.

I feel like I'm missing something completely obvious here and that there's a simpler way. Again I'm a complete newbie to KM and Applescript.

Thanks in advance!

Use the Write to a File action, and simply provide a file name with a ".md" extension.

oh wow, so easy! I knew I was missing something. Thanks so much!