Create pdf file, modify its properties

This afternoon, I found a macro that I started a few weeks ago. So: Instead of doing chores, I was glued to the computer all day and created a macro (I wish I had this macro years ago when I used to do a lot of work with pdf files). The macro:

  • launches a Word doc & creates a pdf file from it
  • permits the user to assign a name
  • changes the initial view properties to Fit Page, centered, etc
  • saves the file with the new properties and reopens the file at the new view

I took a video of the macro doing its thing. Watching KM perform these minutia tasks makes me feel tired ( :slight_smile: ). It takes KM 25 seconds... Anyway, I'm sure people will have good suggestions re: how to trim it down. Last count, there was something like 70 actions.

You have to have Word and Acrobat Pro. To execute on your own computer, there's one change you would have to make: Create a folder where the file is stored and then, write the path to that folder for one of the Insert Text actions. I place a Comment inside the macro, where that needs to happen.

I'll probably have to take 2 or 3 screenshots to display it. It's a long macro. I hope someone can make use of it. Here's the video of KM executing (click the icon) and the macro below it:

Create_PDF.kmmacros (24.3 KB)




Some if statements with "button visible" might eliminate the pauses. Also, some bits of it might be able to be sped up with Applescript automating Word.

thx, mind giving a brief example of each?

I don't have an example of Applescript with Word available right now, but it certainly does have the ability to be scripted.