Create URL to Specific Office 365 URL: Solution

I have long been seeking a way to convert an Office 365 email message to a specific URL to retrieve that email message again.

I finally came across this solution (Solution # 1):

I have implemented this solution as a KM Macro which opens a new tab in Chrome with a unique URL to the currently selected Office 365 email item. It works fine as best I can tell. I will use this often in my daily workflow.


Office 365 URL.kmmacros (3.6 KB)

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Could someone suggest a Regex solution or other tweak for the following issue I noticed.

This search/replace works for items in the Inbox:


But I actually need the search string to recognize anything up to and including the initial /id/ so that it would work on other mailboxes such as this:


What would be the equivalent Regex search/replace step in KM?

For those who may be interested - replacing the grayed out step on the bottom with the new Regex step on top revises the script so now it works for messages in folders other than the Inbox.