Create User Generated Variables and Send to Airtable


This may be too large a task to expect to work.

I have an airtable that looks like this:

The post_title column, relates to an image I have on my computer.

What I would like to do:

  1. Bring up the image on my computer based on the post_title column, or file name
  2. Assign boolean variables to that image with categories such as 'Close Up', 'Action', 'Left Side', 'Right Side', 'Outside', 'Inside'
  3. Then push that data to a different table (not a different base), probably based on the item_number. So find the matching item_number of the image and add to boolean variables to the table.

The purpose being:
I could use it for some very basic analysis, such as 50 customers bought images that had a close up outside image etc.

I could manually enter this data of course, so any method of trying to automate that, I'd welcome. I'm presuming this is starting to deal with airtable API which I have no experience with (or any API), I'm very open to ideas.

Also, this is mainly a learning experience for me, it's not really important from the analysis side, or from a business point of view, perhaps that's worth mentioning.


as a start, you could grab one text and with a keystroke, and append it to an existing path, that way you could find and open a file quicker

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that's a really interesting idea, and could be applied to a lot of similar situations. Thank you!