Create Voice Command of Selected Macro 1.0.2 Macro (v9.0.4)

Create Voice Command of Selected Macro 1.0.2 Macro (v9.0.4)

This macro creates a MacOS global Voice Command from a Keyboard Maestro Selected Macro. Just add a trigger and set back. Please be aware that this is a global voice command and will be active within any application. A prompt will show at the end of the of the voice command creation and you can click Make Edits to modify the While Using: area.

Please note that much of this macro can be done via AppleScript so if the gurus would like to make this more efficient, please do so and I'll update this.

Create Voice Command of Selected Macro 1.0.2.kmmacros (34 KB)

Enjoy and I hope this helps.



Thanks for sharing! :+1:
I was just giving it a quick read and have one question: What is the purpose of the 2 sec Pause at the very beginning?

I honestly can't remember why I put that Pause in there. It can be disabled or removed.

Thank You.


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This is awesome, thanks so much!

I was just testing it and have two questions:

  1. The URL link for the macro keeps on deleting itself on the page for creating commands after I finish making the voice command. This requires me to manually copy the URL link before hitting "Done" and then opening the command up again and pasting the URL link again. It works perfectly after doing this. Do you know why this is happening and how to make it stop deleting the URL link?

  2. After running this macro, it leaves Keyboard Maestro in "rename mode" which has big font and makes macros in Keyboard Maestro unchangeable until I manually exit rename mode. I tried adding another action to leave rename mode at the end (picture below) but its not working. How can I make the macro automatically exit rename mode after the macro is complete?


Place a 1 second pause before and after this action to give your machine more time to process. Let me know if this changes your result. I've been running this macro for months and haven't seen this behavior.

I've updated the Macro since my post by removing the unnecessary Pause action from the beginning of the Macro and replacing a few actions with AppleScript. I'll do some more testing to see if I can replicate your issue. I'll repost the newer macro (1.0.3) soon.


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Thank you.

Yes, exactly. But its usually not immediate. It usually happens only after I hit the Done button. So the URL will be there until I hit the done button, but the voice control macro won't work and then I go back to check the voice control command window and the URL isn't there anymore. I didn't experience it when making a voice command from scratch by just copying the URL without using the macro but it happens every time i've tried using this macro, so it made me think that it was likely caused by the Keyboard Maestro macro somehow rather than mac os.

Just tried this and it doesn't fix it.

Just tried disabling the "Stop editing macros" action entirely and now it seems to work perfectly. I'm guessing that was causing the issue and not providing any benefit.

Man.. I'm like a broken phone because I can't call it... :smiley:
There is nothing, in this macro, that should delete that URL entry out of the field as there are no additional actions to do so. I'm baffled. It works fine for me but like I said, I've seen the removal happen before a few months back.

The benefit, as far as the Stop Editing Macros action is concerned, is that the action simply closes that Macro out of the editing process. If I knew how to get the macro name/title, without entering edit mode, this step wouldn't be necessary. If your modification works, let's go with it.

As you can see, it's a fairly simple macro. My update is a little leaner and uses AppleScript and Local Variables but doesn't change the URL area.

Take care,

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