Creating a keyword index

This should be fun. I have many research notes to which I have assigned multiple keywords, or tags. These keywords (tags) are listed at the end of each entry in a Word document with each keyword preceded by the letters "tg" (e.g.: tgreaction, tgpersonality, tgwaste, trganxiety, tggames). I would like to create my own index of all of these tags. Here's what I envision happening with the help of Keyboard Maestro:

  1. After selecting all of the tags at the end of a given entry (at the moment they are delimited by commas and spaces, specifically a comma followed by a space)
  2. Copy and paste them to the new location 
  3. Reformat them so that they are now in an alphabetized list, one word per line, without the leading "tg", resulting in the following:


In the future (let's start small here; the rest of this is a little half-baked) I would like to attach a link to each keyword showing all the individual research notes to which they are attached (I can see now that each research note should probably be a numbered record and the keywords would be part of the keyword field). Just musing out loud, so to speak. I think, for now all I want is to select the keywords in their present format and then start the macro to create the list.

Sorry for rambling there at the end. It's sort of a big project with lots of small parts. One step at a time.
I'll be back.

Many thanks ahead of time.