Creating a macro that will click on a word presented in a web browser

I’m interacting with a website’s UI in a way where I need to have a macro that will “click” on a built-in button on the website. Multiple “buttons” are coming in at a time, each containing different text strings. I need the macro to ONLY click on incoming buttons that include the word “boot” (without quotes).

I’m also going to need the macro to fulfill a constant text string that will accompany the click on the bubbles that contain the word “boot”, and then I’ll need it to press enter. So far I have been able to manually click on the buttons containing “boot” and then associate a hotkey to type the string and then simulate the return key, however, I need the delay between the text string being entered and the return key being simulated to be non-existent if at all possible.

I know this is a confusing issue so I sincerely thank anyone in advance who would be willing to help a stranger out :slight_smile: I’ll try any and all suggestions!!

Anyone have any ideas? Really hoping someone will jump in here :heart:

I understand I’m not the best at explaining this, sorry.

Hey @kbmaestro,

I think it unlikely that anyone will touch this without the ability to test on a sample page — and maybe not even then due to the complexity of interacting with active elements.


Hey Chris! I sincerely appreciate the response. I can completely understand how complex this seems, especially since the disconnect between what I’m explain vs. what a reader would picture from that are probably two totally different things.

I definitely invite anyone who’s willing to take a look at some sample screenshots I could send via private message. I know nobody is going to want to touch this purely out of kindness, so I can also offer $5 via preferred payment method to anyone who’s willing to help out.

Maybe you could annotate the screenshot to blur all sensitive info, and post it here.
Most likely we will also need to see the HTML of the target words.

Actually there are many of us here who are more than willing to help without payment. That's not the issue. Having really good source info/real-world data, so we don't waste our time, is the issue.