Creating an Autoscroll Macro

Hi. I've been a licensed Keyboard Maestro user for several years. I've used KBM to make dozens of helpful macros. I'm not sure how to get started with this one though:


I use several browsers on both Windows and Mac. In Windows, the browsers have an autoscroll feature. You middle-click somewhere on the webpage, then you move the cursor up or down about a quarter inch and the webpage slowly scrolls all the way to the bottom. If you move the cursor up the other direction, the page will scroll upward until you move the mouse again, hit escape, or reach the top.

This is fantastic for reading long pages or for scanning pages for images or whatever. It scrolls fast or slow depending how far you move the mouse up or down.

This is not the same a a scroll wheel on a mouse, although it does a similar function. With the scroll wheel, you have to keep the scroll wheel on the mouse moving for the page to keep scrolling. With autoscroll, you are basically telling the page how fast to scroll up or down by nudging the mouse position, and not moving the mouse anymore.

How can I create a KBM macro to do this?

it would be fine to put the mouse over the frame or panel and do the rest with the keyboard if that's easier to code, like using the arrows for 'faster' and 'slower'. But doing it exactly like Firefox does it would be perfect: middle-click, then slide the cursor up or down a few millimeters.

On the Mac, only Firefox has autoscroll built-in. There are extensions that provide autoscroll for the other browsers on the Mac, however they all have the obnoxious "read and change all data on all websites" permissions, which is not acceptable.

Thank you

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anyone got any ideas?

Hi @keyboardmaestrofan, I don't have a macro for your question. I use the app Smart Scroll myself. With this app I have several possibilities to do an Auto Scroll and not only on websites.

Maybe that would be something for you.

I downloaded it. I'll give it a try.

I guess this is not something keyboard maestro can do then .... ? I'm kind of surprised.

You may want to try the Autoscroll bookmarklet which you could activate with a Keyboard Maestro macro. It doesn't look like it's quite as full-featured as what you describe in Windows, but it does have some customizability.

I appreciate the suggestion.