Creating batch queue and dispensing items incrementally

Hey! Very new convert, only just started playing with the app. I'm coming over from Automator and this seems much more powerful and with many more features. I have 2 questions though:

  1. Is there a way to batch files into your workflow? I like to design my workflows in automator and open them in automator whenever I run them. That way I can visually check the queue, like in the screenshot attached. Also, since the workflow is open I can quickly modify anything in my AppleScript or javascript (like destination path, etc). Is that possible in Keyboard Maestro? I could not figure out how to make a queue. (I know it's popular to save as an application and drag/drop, I just like to be able to manage a queue)

  2. Is there a way to dispense incrementally? That's what they call the action in Automator anyway. Trying to run the files one at a time through a complex workflow that takes about 5-10 minutes per file and sometimes up to like 20ish steps.

Appreciate any help, looking forward to this change!!!