Creating GUI elements for user interaction with KM

First, let me just say that KM is awesome, and updating to KM11 was a no-brainer.

Back in my windows days, until I switched to Mac in 2007, I was a heavy user of AutoHotKey. One feature that AHK (and AutoIt) offer is creating elaborate GUIs, with buttons, text, custom layouts, color palettes, progress bars, etc. for creating small utilities. I'd love it if I could do that with KM! Is that on the road map? Until it happens, can anyone recommend a tool for Mac that offers "easy" GUI creation/scripting, similar to what AHK offers?

Much obliged :slight_smile:

I'm not aware of any similar apps on the Mac. KM can do much of that, but you'll have to write your own HTML/Javascript to do so and then display/interact with it using the Custom HTML Prompt action. Some things, like progress bars, will be more complicated.