Creating Macro to Bring Up the Finder on a Mac

On my previous automation app Quickeys I had a macro that would open the Finder window.

Since switching to Keyboard Maestro I can't figure out how to build a macro to do that.

I've looked through every macro option and nothing stands out.

Any suggestions?

I assume that's what you mean. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is another option if the goal is to open a specific Finder folder no matter what app is currently frontmost:

Hey @Observer,

Searching the Forum often pays dividends...

Forum search:

Search results for 'open finder' - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

Google site search:

open finder site: - Google Search

And don't forget the Keyboard Maestro Wiki – although it can sometimes be difficult to find things until you know generally what to search for.

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My approach looks like this…

It calls up the Finder, hides all other running applications and opens a Palette with my most important locations like the sidebar favourites in a Finder window.

The Palette entries were created to open the new window in a dedicated position on the screen.


Thank you for showing me the 'Set between actions delay' action. Did not know it existed.

Seems like I should study the action list in the wiki, again!!

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You're welcome, @Steve_E.

Don't worry, I also learned this from forum examples after years of living without it. :wink:

Now it became a kind of standard in the biggest portion of my macros because it makes them more reliable in many cases.


I used to have a nicely formatted, searchable list of all KM Actions, Text-Tokens, and Functions in a BBEdit document (readily available via a keyboard shortcut).

I had an AppleScript that would harvest all that information from the Keyboard Maestro Editor's menus, and I had to update it when Keyboard Maestro's version got bumped.

But then Peter built the Insert-(Action, Token, Function, Variable)-By-Name capabilities into the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

So now when I'm looking for something I'm not familiar with I pop one of those up and start fishing.

When I know more or less what I'm looking for it's all that much easier.

These days I rarely use the Actions Inspector Panel in the Keyboard Maestro Editor (Actions > Show Actions ⌘K), but now and then its divided categories of actions come in handy.

I also have access to the Search Menu in the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help Menu, and that occasionally gets me where I want to go a bit faster. (β‡§βŒ˜?)

If I still can't find what I'm looking for then I move on to searching the Keyboard Maestro Wiki and the Keyboard Maestro Forum.