Creating new item in Things 3 from Chrome

Hi, I’m using this Chrome browser to add current page to Things.

The extension keep turning off since it violates the Chrome Web Store policy.

In the code I found this that makes the extension work.

chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function(tab) {

    chrome.tabs.executeScript(, {
        // run script to try to get user selected text
        code: 'window.getSelection().toString()'
    },function(selection) {
        // format selection if it is not null
        selection = selection ? '\n' + selection[0]: '';

        // Things 3.4 URL Scheme
        var thingsURL = 'things:///add?show-quick-entry=true&title=' + encodeURIComponent(tab.title) + '&notes=' + encodeURIComponent(tab.url + selection);
          chrome.tabs.update({ url: thingsURL });


Can you please help me to make it work in a way that instead of pressing the button in Chrome, I could use Keyboard Maestro and assign Hotkey to it?