Creating Screencasts and GIFs

In a recent discussion I asked @_jims about the software he is using for his demos.

I'm looking for a way to display keyboard shortcuts (hot keys).

I'm using the free LiceCAP myself. Today I found that the free app KeyCastr has been updated for Big Sur: Release v0.9.10 · keycastr/keycastr · GitHub.

I've also found that there's KeyDrawer (19,00 USD). But I haven't tested it yet. KeyDrawer Pro - render keystrokes on the screen of your Mac


I have just started using KeyCastr and really like it. What I like is the visualisation of the keys can be dragged anywhere on screen. Also you can set so it only shows key combinations with a modifier - i.e. so it doesn’t show every letter if you type a word.


@ALYB, I use the Keystroke Pro app. It has optimal settings options.

The developer has a good app for cursor animation and displaying your webcam window.

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Hey @Zabobon, how do I set KeyCastr so that it only shows key combinations with a modifier? (I cannot find that setting...)

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It is here:

"Display only command keys"

(I know, I think it could be better worded...)

Click to Show GIF movie

Screen Recording 2022-02-23 at 21.45.25-Animated GIF Small


Thank you @Zabobon. Although I downloaded the app yesterday, its version was 9.10. In 9.12 I can see the option to display command keys only:

Looks like you'll need an update too :).

Thanks for the info! I will update. Great that it also now shows mouse clicks. And great that this neat little App is free.

@ALYB and @Zabobon, thanks for sharing the above information about keycastr. As @ALYB knows I use ScreenFlow to do my recordings but I've found it tedious to use the build-in key visualizer feature—Show Keystrokes.

Based on the information you two shared here, I used keycastr with my latest screencast. I found it much easier to use. Thanks!