Creating SymLink to Python3 Library

Just a quick tip for anyone having difficulties with KM not finding Python3...

sudo ln -s /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.6/bin/python3 /opt/local/bin/python3

This creates a symbolic link to the Python3 executable and places it in the /opt/local/bin folder, thus avoiding the need to alter the existing scripts. The same principle can be applied to any other combination of folders.

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Note, of course, that as Python3 is not part of the standard OS installation, and can be installed in various ways, and to various locations, you need to know where the executable really is.

Hence the quoted comment.

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and quickly resolved in etc with

which python3


I always preferred

type -a

or short:


Basically it’s the same as which but you have some neat options.

The neat options:

type -a shows all
type -p shows the command that would get executed
type -t shows the type