CRON Bug? Wrongly Specified Day Does Not Generate Error

At the risk of irritating @peter by bringing up CRON again, I noticed the following: if I enter the wrong day (26 October is a Tuesday), CRON does not generate an error message.

@hello: this is a follow-up to our previous discussion

You may ask: why bother entering the day of the week ? Because I use CRON a lot and it is (for me) much easier to identify errors in dates if I have both the day of the week (Mon to Sun) and the day of the month (1st, 2nd, etc)

You’re asking Peter to make Keyboard Maestro cron incompatible with Unix cron, which would lead to riots in the streets. People rely on KM cron working the same way as Unix cron.


I understand. Thank you for your very funny comment.

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It'd be very interesting to see a riot of CRON users in the streets.

Very tempted to create a new account, "TheRealRonald", and post under that name :slight_smile:


Might be better to use

0 5 26 OCT * 2021

(so, no day causing noise)

very funny !

thank you for the suggestion. I find the day useful for proof reading.

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