CRON Trigger Description Typo?


Should the CRON trigger below read "every week" rather than every month?

Thank you.

I think it should say:

at 5:30 on every Friday in every month

This looks like a bug to me @peternlewis ?


This is what says:


Shouldn't it say weekly on fridays ?




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thank you

Well, that’s just the same as

Since Fridays occur every week!!

I’m beginning to think that, because of the way English can be interpreted, all of these are saying exactly what you expected it to say as per your original post. In other words, it will trigger every Friday at 5:30.

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basically I was just concerned that non native english speakers may be confused by the words on Friday and every month in the same sentence.

At 5:30 on Fri in every month

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Yes, I got that and I agree with you it’s not the “normal” way you’d say every week on Friday.

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If does not use “Friday” instead of just Fri, because it could be referencing multiple days (eg Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri) and expanding them all out would be very long.

The Cron spec lets you set the minute, hour, day of the month, month, and day of the week, on Friday in every month is what you have specified.

Yes, there are a thousand other ways it could be written, but they are all equivalent, and this one accurately matches the specification, reducing confusion.

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Clear as mud...



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Everyone agrees that your Cron trigger is fantastic. I use it for important reminders.

I am discussing a very minor issue of wording which I should probably not have brought up. I did because I had to think twice to try to understand what Friday of every month means.


I’d say that confusion extends across the globe, existing here in the UK too!

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