Cull my email

Here's what I want to do:

My email (Mac MAIL) is stuffed with emails I need to cull out of it. Example: subscription emails that "sometimes" interest me, but they tend to accumulate.

For example, I want to select a "BedBathAndBeyond" email, copy their email address, enter it in to the search field (thereby gathering all the emails from that sender), and select ALL.

After the macro has done its task of culling all of the above emails and selecting ALL, the macro is finished. I can then review it and hit DELETE.

I would be using this macro occasionally (or often) to trash multiple emails from the same sender.

The problem with doing all this manually is that there are so many mouse moves. I just want to click, press a hotkey and delete.

As always, I appreciate the help.

I do this sort of thing with macOS Mail already, without any need for a KM Macro. I just sort my inbox by sender, then scroll down the window. I can select all the messages from a particular sender, and delete them. When I'm done, I just re-sort my Inbox by date.

How does what I do differ from what you want to do?

MacOS is getting Apple Intelligence soon, and all the Mac Apps will be hooked up to it. So you should be able to say "Siri, delete all the messages from my Inbox that are from the sender Bed Bath and Beyond." You can't get easier than that.

A first step, in the search field at top right of Mail, might be to search for unsubscribe.

(A high proportion of serially despatched emails have that string near the end of the email)

After a visual check that nothing retainable seems to have been selected by that search, you can use ⌘A (Select All) and delete.

I just shared a macro I've used for years for a similar purpose. Should get you started.

I use the same method as @Airy when it's time to achieve "zero inbox" – but I only use it to clump emails together by sender to check whether each email should be deleted, archived or (belatedly!) replied to.

If it came to grouping all emails from the newsletter senders, I would consider using a smart group to show together all emails from those senders.

I do not use, but here is an example in the email client I use, MailMate:

It looks as though you may be able to do something similar in See the Apple Support page "Use Smart Mailboxes in Mail on Mac".

You would then still have to manually delete the emails, but selecting them all before hitting "delete" would be easy.

Using the same conditions in a mail-handling rule/filter could make the whole process automatic according to your requirements, but I doubt that offers that kind of functionality, at least not on its own.