Currency Conversion CLI - Help Displaying Full Result of Shell Script

I am trying to build a macro that converts currency using a CLI and displays the result. I am using the the cash-cli found here. Here's an example conversion:


The macro is quite simple, however I'm having problems with the result. In my macro, the end result that is displayed as a notification only includes the first line (the source currency), in this case "Conversion of USD 1000". It does not include the second line, in green and white above, which displays the target currency value.

Any idea on how I display the entire output of the cash-cli tool?
Global: Convert Currency Macro (v9.1)

Global- Convert Currency.kmmacros (3.9 KB)

You need to turn "Include Errors" flag on. Don't know why. Probably CLI app fault.

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Thanks. That did the trick indeed.

Just going to point this out because I don't think it's well known. And maybe it's not of value compared to how the macro shown is needed. But for US dollars to South Korean Won, entering the following in Spotlight will display the currency conversion:

1000 USD to KRW

Thank you - I didn't realize that functionality was already built into Spotlight.

Spotlight currency conversion worked fine for me until it stopped after the upgrade to 10.13.6 and I couldn't fix the problem. All I know is that conversion works through the calculator app and something broke there. I have legacy MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011), and there's no further os updates for it. So it seems that I'll be using part of your macro until switching to newer model. We're even :grin:.

I never knew this little trick either. Thank you for sharing!