Current Date/Time with milliseconds?

I can’t find a KM function that returns the current date/time, including milliseconds. Please tell me there is one?!

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You might try this:
%ICUDateTime%EEE, MMM d, yyyy h:mm:ss.SSS%

Formatting Dates and Times - ICU User Guide


I can only shake my head at my blindness.

I looked at the Wiki Page, saw the table that was labeled "Format Codes", then skipped right over the words that said this was a list of common codes with a link to the full list.

I am incredibly blind, apparently.

I think I would prefer to have the link to the full list below the table, because as I scan down the table and don't see what I want, I think I'm more likely to notice the note at the bottom of the table. Like this:

Let me know what you think. I can make the change if you agree.

This may be one of those preference things. :wink:
Some people may not keep reading all the way to the bottom.

So, I made some changes to emphasize the full list, and added "Fractional Seconds".
Take a look now at Dates and Times and let me know what you think.

OK, but can you change the title from “Format Codes” to “Common Format Codes”?


I think the section title needs to remain "Format Codes" because it does specifically provide directions to all codes.

I added a subheading which will hopefully address your concern.

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After looking at it some more, I decided to make one more change:
This puts direction to the full list first, then shows the common codes.

How's that?

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I like this. It’s a good change from your previous post.

Awesome, thanks!

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