Currently no Emails from the KM Forum

Hello Peter (@peternlewis)

I currently don’t receive any notification mails from the forum for a longer time now. This is why I am posting this.

I have dozens of topics that I have set to Watching and have the settings set to notify me always about any changes in these topics.

Also I have set the Settings to send me a Message when someone is replying to me or when someone has tagged me with my username.

But nothing happens … I even reverted all of my changes to the default and let them sit for a couple hours before reinventing my preferred setting. I’ve done this 7 times in the last 3 weeks using either safari or chrome on my iPhone or one of my Macs - and also using the DiscourseHub iOS Application.

Everything I’ve done including waiting a few hours or even days has taken no fruit …

Even the DiscourseHub Application is not sending me notifications all the time but that is another thing what I am eventually going to bring up on the Discourse Meta.

What can I do ?

Greetings from Germany


Did you look into your spam folder? My mail runs on a 1&1/ionos domain and the spam filter has long marked all the discourse mails as spam.

Hello @qrt

Every forum I am in my address is used from day one of the registration until today and I am using automation to prevent as much as possible to move forum based mails back to my inbox if it happens that my account adresses them as spam.

Also I’m up to 8 times a day in the Mail, whether it’s the iPhone or the Mac Application.

From every forum that’s based on the discourse software I receive my mails the way I like it to have and they even get automatically sorted well most of the time. The only one forum is this forum where I receive absolutely no email …

Greetings from Germany


Unfortunately is rejecting a lot of email.

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

    host []
    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
    554 5.7.1 [HM08] Message rejected due to local policy. Please visit

That said there haven't been any bounces for you since April 5.

As far as I'm aware the forum follows the “best practices” quoted on that document.

Hey Tobias,

Please review your email settings.

You need to turn ON Mailing List Mode...

Take Care,

(Keyboard Maestro Moderator)

I contacted Apple as described and amazingly enough they promptly responded and said “Thank you for your message. We have investigated your report and made appropriate changes.”.

I don't know if that will entirely resolve the problem, but that last bounce was 11 hours ago, so hopefully it'll make a difference.

Tobias’s email was definitely bouncing.

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Hello Peter

Thanks for contacting Apple about the issue…

Well, we‘ll see if it happens to work again as it should. Normally it should work now as intended - without turning on Mailing List Mode.
Thanks Chris (@ccstone) for pointing me there - maybe I’ll consider it for the future … but not now …

I am - as I said earlier in many other Discourse platform based forums - where I have nearly the same settings for mails as I have for this forum - and had no issues so far in getting notifications with my address.

And as far as I am aware I didn’t turn on the Mailing List Mode either for each one of them.

Greetings from Germany


So I'm not sure the problem is resolved, as in the last 24 hours every single bounce email I have is for an icloud/mac/me .com email address, except for two custom domains which lead to icloud.

So every single bounced email is from Apple’s servers.