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I have a macro that essentially converts a word to All Caps (Uppercase). However, I can only seem to call it based on mouse position. I'm really a keyboard person, and if I'm working in a text block I might use the option key and arrows to get me to a specific location in a document, etc. I can't seem to figure out how to call this "Uppercase" conversion there without actually clicking my mouse first. I can click there, and then use a "Move then Double-Click at (0,0) from the Current Mouse Location" in order for this "Allcaps" macro to work, but that defeats the purpose of getting there with keyboard navigation. Am I missing something essential here?



keyboard person ?
alt-shift-arrow to select the word ?

Hehe - yeah sometimes the answers are just so simple. I do this ALL OF THE TIME, but because I had created a macro a long time ago that actually selected the text through the macro, my brain just went numb.

Thanks for not saying anything snarky :slight_smile:


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I'm not good at English reading. Is the main problem that you want to move cursor and select text without mouse? And the rest problem is easy.

I used to have same idea as yours. But now I am not fully satisfied with the keyboard way. Cause its efficiency is so bad.

My background is that I have had a finger problem so that only don't want mouse clicking.

All in all, my solution, maybe isn't suitable for you: Using Cmd+2 to imitate mouse left click and still using mouse for mouse moving.

In the result, keeping holding Cmd+2 works same as keeping holding left mouse, so that cursor could select text.

fake left click.kmmacros (12.0 KB)

(actually not fully equals to left click but capable enough of text editing condition)

Maybe you can learn about Vim, Emacs and etc. . They were designed for no-mouse.