Custom floating HTML prompt without background and top menu?

Is there a way to launch a custom floating HTML prompt without background and top menu?

Like so:

Ultimately I would like to know if it's possible to have sort of a selection menu to switch macro groups before I buy a license.

Hi @D-One, I don't have a solution only in Keyboard Maestro. I use a solution that combines the BTT Floating HTML View with KM macros.

I sent you a direct message about this.

Was the outcome essentially a Yes or a No, as this is something other users (and I) would find interesting to know. I've assumed it isn't possible, but if I'm wrong, I'll be happy.

Thanks very much.
I was kind of hoping there was a chance I could just use either KM or BTT and avoid the complication of 2 apps.

I am building a smart dial for macros and keyboard shortcuts, similar to the Crown on Logitech's Craft Keyboard, like this one:

Since I am going to using a dial encoder to send keyboard shorcuts a circular pallete would be great but as I understand it's not currently possible with just KM. Once again thanks very much for your detailed pm!

Hey there - I know I'm jumping in on an old thread, but I would love to know your BTT & KM solution to this also if you're able to share :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @brijazz, you are welcome to have it, but I would recommend you to work with a palette similar to PopClip.

Here is an example of how I currently use it:


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