Custom HTML Prompt to search Zendesk Articles

I created a Custom HTML prompt for our team at work as we write support articles. We use Zendesk and by default you can query any Zendesk support endpoint without authentication. This means you can provide your own endpoint (like β€”> which I just used as a sample here) to run your own searches. The code is minified and not super alterable (apart from changing the support center), but if you work in support and you use Zendesk, this is a huge help for querying your own database, adding links to your articles, previewing article content, etc.

My question is: would anyone have interest in this macro? I'd probably write up something about it first and don't want to take the time if it is too obscure. Thanks!

Zendesk Support


I ended up writing this up for a friend, so I figured I'd also drop it here in case anyone is interested. The prompt includes a custom shortcut palette to do a bunch of useful things …


Hope it’s a help to someone.