Custom Icon Manager

In response to a feature request, I tried to design a solution for managing custom macro icons.

Icon Manager.kmmacros (109 KB)

Macro screenshot

Download this folder of arbitrary icons for testing:

KM Custom (667.8 KB)

Place it somewhere safe and add its path to the green action in the macro.

Icon Chooser

I will present you with a grid of icons that can be refined by searching for text contained in the icon filenames.

Click an icon for it to be pasted into the current macro's icon well, or if you prefer to go mouse-free, you can also navigate the icon grid using the arrow keys and hit ↵ instead.

Saving a new icon:

I will present you with these options for creating new custom icons:

C - The image on the system clipboard.
A - An application icon.
I - An image file.
S - Search for icons at

You can also create a new icon from the Icon Chooser by pressing the + button.

CleanShot 2023-11-09 at 09.57.01

Any issues or suggestions, please let me know.

Additional tool:

The following macro will copy the icon of every app in your /Applications folder to the path you enter in the green action. You may wish to set this like so:

<Path to main Custom Icon Folder>/App Icons

This way, you'll have a dedicated folder just for app icons, which may help keep a large collection of icons manageable.

Icon Manager - Grab All App Icons.kmmacros (52 KB)

Macro screenshot


Hey @noisneil, love this macro. If possible, the option to add a custom filename instead of the date/timestamp would be nice. I modified my copy of your first version to do that but haven’t had time to dig into the updated version you posted yesterday in the other thread.

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Good idea! I've updated it above.

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Love it, I like the new prompt too.

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Updated to enable buttons in the New Custom Icon prompt to respond to their first letters.

Clipboard = C (when available)

App Icon = A

Image File = I

Search Online = S

It just keeps getting better. Hey, just an FYI, but when you use the Image option, the dialog box says “Choose App...”.

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Good catch. Fixed above! :+1:t3:

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Updated to include an option to reveal the newly created icon, as suggested by @cdthomer.

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That’s a really clever macro. Who’d have thought you could do something like that? Great work Neil (@noisneil).

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Updated with a live results search function.

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@noisneil, you've been creating/sharing incredible useful macros recently. Just can't thank you enough. You even added the keyboard navigation for the icon chooser window. And now a live search for the icons too. Superb!


Updated to include automatic grid scrolling when navigating with the arrow keys.


Updated to handle replace/rename when creating new custom icons, as suggested by @cdthomer.

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Updated with a new method to focus the Icon Well, so that the macro still works when in Smart Groups (e.g. All Macros).

In case you may find this is useful for other macros:

tell application "System Events"
	tell application process "Keyboard Maestro"
		set frontmost to true
		tell (first window whose subrole is "AXStandardWindow")
			tell group 6
				tell splitter group 1
					tell scroll area 3
						set focused of image 1 to true
					end tell
				end tell
			end tell
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

This doesn’t work on my end, either in regular macro groups or smart groups. :thinking:

Interesting. Works flawlessly here.

Can you run this (select "Click") while hovering over an icon well? Do it while in a smart group and in a regular one and compare the output.

Using UI Browser I got the following syntax as you, and the AppleScript works when running manually (from Script Debugger), so it’s likely a timing issue on my end, because it would end up in the macro title field, and nothing was pasted into the image well. I’ll tinker with it today to see what might be going on.

Well I’m a dingbat... didn’t even notice the keystroke action after the AppleScript... removing that action fixes the issue.

Macro Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

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No, I'm the dingbat. I noticed that, deleted it and then neglected to actually upload the update!!!! :man_facepalming:t2:

I'll upload again in a sec.

Edit: Done!

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Updated with the ability to create a new icon from within the Icon Chooser by pressing the new + button.

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