Custom Icon Manager

For sure. I use icons in folders a lot. I don't use them more, because of the workflow, but now everything is about to change :wink:
Thanks again!

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I noticed an issue with the macro where you have an action with your personal finder path:


What's in this file and shouldn't the path be set to a variable that we can modify in the beginning of the macro?
And wouldn't it be good if the macro checks if there's a file in that location we define with that variable, and if there's no file, it creates it?

Another thing, based on advice that other users gave me here on the forum, is that I've been changing my Shell and AppleScript to only contain the variables used by the script, instead of using the option "Include All Variables":


I keep getting the message:
Variable XYZ excluded from environment to ensure the environment is not too large
so now I'm going back to the macros that cause that and update them to just include the variables I'm using.
Not sure if you want/need to do that as well, but it's just a small detail in case you think it's worth the time to update the macros.

Just switch it from Script file to text script and you can edit it if need be.

I'm not sure what you mean. The variables are set explicitly, so only those variables are used.

It's a call-back to this thread and the potential problems (more likely, unimportant error messages in the log) for people with "large" global variables.


I've moved mostly away from creating custom icons with the occational exception of using text where a graphic doesn't work, so two requests.

  1. Have option to type text as an icon. Auto resize to max size to fit of course :wink:.

  2. Have SF Symbols as source to pick from.

Thanks for making it clearer

Small tweak, if you're interested:
This was something I had to figure out for one of those "apps" I'm creating for SPITE and I noticed that the Icon Manager "suffers" from the same thing. When you type something in the search field, it always tries to check the spelling:

This to me is sometimes annoying, in certain scenarios, this one being on of those cases.
So if you just add spellcheck="false" to the <input> you get this:

which to me is less intrusive. Maybe that's just me, but decided to share it anyway in case you think it's a good tweak. So you end up with this:


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Good shout. I'll change it in the OP.

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Just checked and I'm not seeing auto-correct, as I've disabled it in System Settings. Nevertheless, I've done as you suggested and updated the macro above.

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For some stuff I find it useful, but sometimes it gets on my nerves :joy: