Custom Menus and Palettes Compatibility

Can Display of a macro group in menu bar also live with a corresponding palette. When I close a palette the menu bar toolbar/list also disappears, ... I would like to retain the menu Bar toolbar, ...

I could find no comments about this so presume I have not set up correctly, ...

Hi @temata

I suspect you have your Group Palette set up like this:


If you set it up like below, the icon in the menu bar will remain even when the Palette is closed:


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Thank you for your comments. I do not use Group Palette so that’s not the problem. I wonder if using Palettes is incompatible with the customised toolbar/menu? If not perhaps there is a problem with how my macros are structured - I have experimented quite a lot, but have not been able to resolve this.

But you also said:

So, can you give a few more details? When you say "When I close a Palette" what Palette are you closing if it is not a Group Palette?

In Keyboard Maestro there are four types of palettes:

  1. Global Macro Palette
  2. Applications Palette
  3. Conflict Palette.
  4. Macro Group palettes

Sorry its not easy to explain the details at times - but yes when I use a Macro Group Palette & that group also has its own toolbar/menu bar icon, ... closing the Palette also closes ie removes the menu bar icon (and associated menu list. I have experimented with various setting but this behaviour does not change.

Thanks for your interest in this matter, ... no one else seems to have raised this issue, so it is probably something I am not understanding, ... :frowning:

This will happen if the Group Palette is set to shows/hides a Palette when

In effect, closing the Palette deactivates the Macros and only active Macro Groups show in the menu bar.

To keep the Macro Group showing in the menu bar at all times you have to set the Group to be active at all times. So the Group Palette setting becomes -

Always activated and shows/hides a Palette when

Have another look at my first post.

The thing to remember is that only active Groups of Macros show in the menu bar. As soon as a Group of Macros is deactivated, the menu bar icon will be removed.

So, if a Group of Macros were set to only be active in a certain App, the menu bar icon will be removed if that App is not at the front. And likewise, with Palettes - if closing the Palette deactivates the Macros, the menu bar icon will go.

Here is a little GIF video:
Screen Recording 2022-01-05 at 08.59.27-Animated GIFF Small 12fps

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Thank you very much for your help.

It has taken some time, but I now see my issue. Rather than set up a palette (integrated) within a Macro Group I had set up a separate Macro Group for palettes. When I disable this "secondary" palette set up and create a palette option within each (working) Macro Group everything works as you suggest.

As usual the solution is simple once discovered. :frowning: Seems like I am the biggest dummy to create a palette setup that was clumsy and unnecessary.

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