Custom search engine service that could use with KM and on web? (And ideally sync custom search engines across browsers...)

I have put a lot of work into making custom search engines in Chrome such as

  • gim → google images search
  • mcm → Metacritic search for movies
  • mct → Metacritic search for TV series

Had a rude awakening when switched to Brave and found that I cannot bring my search engines over into it. I know I could define these in KM, but then I have access only on devices with KM installed (vs a Chrome browser on any machine).

Ideally I would store custom search engine definitions in a service (like but they support only bookmarks), so that

  1. I could use Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, etc to execute a search (eg type "gim laser cats" and the default browser is opened with something like

  2. from ANY browser on ANY machine, I could log in to that service and have access to the same, carefully-maintained custom search keywords--just type "gim laser cats" in the box

  3. ideally, custom search engines could be synchronized to the defined search engines across browsers with browser extensions

So I wonder whether there's anything like this, or anyone who may be able to do it?

[[UPDATE: I just found out about DuckDuckGo !bangs, which is actually quite close to what I'm looking for, but all keywords would have to be approved by my keyword conventions might clash with existing keywords, and if I want to come up w/kind of complicated keywords for highly-specific search variants (eg, google images, <1 year, B&W, size large), they may not want to support all those...]]