Customer Service

I have come here because I am receiving no customer support from you all. I have replied in multiple venues, asking for assistance. I have received none.

I have purchased 3 license from you.

I only use 1 of those.

The other two times, I was trying to purchase a license for a computer running OS X 10.6.8. I have to use “Keyboard Maestro 5.3.2” because your “Keyboard Maestro 7” is not compatible with older operating systems.

I am still waiting for a response, or a refund. I have been waiting for some form of resolution here since January, of 2016. It is now March, of 2016.

Seagull, sorry you're having trouble with KM.

I don't know what happened in your case, but from my experience, and others that I have seen post here, Keyboard Maestro provides the best support of any app I have ever used in over 3 decades. @peternlewis maintains a strong, frequent presence in this forum, and answers many questions each day.

I see you have just joined the forum a couple of hours ago, and this is your first post:

Did you submit your questions/issues using another username?

The KM Home Page does clearly state that OS X 10.10 is required:

Your first email arrived at 11:45pm Perth time.

Since its currently 7:15am Perth time, I will get to your email at some point in the next few hours.

Jokes about being able to do support email in my sleep aside, I tend not to handle a lot of support email in the middle of the night.