Cycling selected window through positions and sizes in a grid

Here for what it's worth, as background to the thread on the OS X 10.11 (Capitan) built-in split view is the set of macros (for a global access macro folder, perhaps with a name like Window Positioning), which I have been using for a few years.

WindowSizing.kmlibrary (100.9 KB)


  • 4/5 library macros with no trigger attached, which are used by
  • various triggered macros which cycle the selected window through successive grid positions.

The one I personally use most happens to be a triptych cycle, which:

  1. Resizes the selected window to a 1/3 screen size
  2. Moves it on to the next of 3 triptych positions, cycling back when it reaches the edge.

NB the macros which have keystrokes assigned only work if the 5 library macros (no trigger) are also installed.

(They were written some years ago, and haven't been very actively reviewed, so I apologise for any clumsiness or inefficiencies : - ) Perhaps they can provide some elements for something slightly better )