Dan Thomas' GitHub Repository

EDIT: I moved all the files from the Wiki to the Repository, because you can search the repository but not the wiki.

I’ve got a long way to go, but this Wiki Repository lists all my KM macros, plugins and videos. It also has a large library of JavaScript for Automation (JXA) routines that are reasonably well documented. I hope to better organize this as I go along, and I intend on getting my AppleScript stuff up there soon.

This is my first GitHub repository (well, second, but that was just an experiment) and my first Wiki, so please bear with me.

I have no idea if it’s set up correctly so you can post questions (aka “Issues”), and whether you can subscribe to it. [EDIT: Yes you can.]

No promises on how often I’ll update it, but I’ll try. And actually, if there’s interest, it’ll motivate me to do it.

Last thing, if anyone is interested. I’m keeping all my sources on my local machine in Quiver. Links and everything. When I want to update the Wik Repository, I have a few KM macros I run to get everything organized for the repository. Then I update my local Git repository, and sync it with GitHub. It’s actually kind of cool.

God I love Keyboard Maestro.


Dan, thanks for sharing. This is a very nice layout! :thumbsup:
I'm sure it will be helpful to many.

One question: How can we search for your stuff on the GitHub wiki?

I've tried both the main repository search, and the wiki Pages search, and neither finds text in your wiki articles. For example, I searched on "palettes" -- no hits.

I also tried a normal Google search --> no hits on your wiki.

I don’t know. I just recently posted it, so perhaps Google will index it after a while.

Perhaps I’ll need to find another place for the wiki, but I want it to be free.

It looks like github search only searches the page names. All the references to “Palette” are in text, and the links are to the forum, so it does not find them.

Searching for “plug” or “demo” finds the pages with those names.

Google indexing will no doubt happen in time. I have added a link to the External Links page on the Keyboard Maestro wiki which may help a bit.

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For anyone who cares, I moved all the files from the Wiki to the Repository, because you can search the repository, and you can’t search the wiki.

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Good move, Dan.

The other benefit is that us consumers of your stuff can turn on "Watch" to be notified when you make changes.

and also "star" it as one of my favorites.