Dark Mode / Light Mode is a Pain!

I could not understand why some of my macros were failing at night and then poof!

The macros that failed all had screen images that they were looking for and I had only included the light mode images.

While the problem was easily solved it is a Pain to have to remember to add both!

End of rant!

That reminds me of the time my friend's computer was very slow. They called me for support. I realized that their infant baby had pressed the "Turbo button" on the front of the PC.


Oh man I remember the turbo buttons! Especially playing old MS-DOS games like Chopper Commando :laughing:

The baby was very small and only bothered to reach the bottom of the two buttons. (The top button was the power button.) If the power button had been the bottom button instead of the top button, then the baby would have powered the PC on/off instead of playing with the Turbo button. And then they probably wouldn't have needed to call me.

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I remember those turbo buttons! And for some reason, it reminded me of the tube of memory chips I got to bring my PC up to 512k, or maybe 640k of memory. We've come a long way!

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