[Dash] Search Selected Text

###MACRO: [Dash] Search
~~~ VER: 1.1     2015-07-31 ~~~
(but not uploaded until 2016-08-18)

[Dash] Search.kmmacros (9.5 KB)

Author: @JMichaelTX at KM forum

PURPOSE: SEARCH using the Dash app for programming terms & syntax


(1) Select text you want to search Dash for
IF nothing is selected, User is prompted for text to search
(2) Trigger this macro

(1) Builds the URL search string for Dash
(2) Opens in Dash using the "Open URL" Action

(1) Keyboard Maestro 7.1+
(2) macOS 10.10.5+
(3) Dash 3.2+

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Thank you for sharing it.

But this is all really strange. It doesn’t work fully for me. Firstly it always triggers the manual prompt.

I have made a screencast, I think it is a good way to show what I mean : http://quick.as/YabRH8ZvB

I have kind of dismissed the km macro as it is very confusing and doesn’t work reliably in favour of a vim plugin for Dash which works as it is supposed to every time.

As I mentioned previously, it has some Actions specifically for Script Editor and AppleScript. The prompt you are seeing is to ask the user whether or not to use a Dash type prefix. If you don't want that, just delete or disable the relevant Actions.

If you don't want to set the Dash Language to search, change the last Action to remove