Data Sharing with KM and the internet (Receive Webhook Payload?)

Hello great people,

So, I use KM to automate tasks for my CRMS.

I want to send a response body from Integromats (its like zapier) to Keyboard Maestro so KM can do the bulk of work (Integromats has Operation limits, KM doesnt).

So Integromats is reliable and will always trigger, what I want to do is query data with Integromats, check if my macros are responsive with a URL Trigger (sometimes my computer is off or wifi is bad) and if they are responsive then I want KM to execute and complete the desired actions.

I know allows you to send over infromation in the URL to a macro.. but what about a Payload? I dont really know much about rest servers, I can post the information into a drop box maybe and Have KM grab it?

Does someone have a method or an idea to send an Array of response values to KM?

Any ideas from the pro?


You can encode your payload in to the TriggerValue, but its size is limited (about 1000 bytes I think).

If you can store the payload somewhere on the web, then your TriggerValue could be the location of the payload, which Keyboard Maestro could then download (and potentially delete).