Date Format

The following formula: %ICUDateTime% yyyy/MM/dd h:mm a %:
Produces the following result: 2015/10/21 10:08 AM :

I want it to include the written day of the week which
produces the following result: 2015/10/21 10:08 AM (Wed):
or, 2015/10/21 10:08 AM (Wednesday):

I have experimented, not really knowing the code that would produce results as “DAY, day, Day” etc.
Once I know what will produce this result I can put it in parens, move it about etc.

What is the code for the day of week please? Not seeing it in tokens so, asking here.


SELF ANSWERED: Took a bit of trial and error but, this seems to work: %ICUDateTime% yyyy/MM/dd h:mm a%: (%ICUDateTimePlus%1*0%Days%EEE%)
Results are: 2015/10/21 1:31 PM: (Wed)

PS - found the WIKI but needs a section saying different date formula outcomes as I had been seeking. Wasn’t obvious to figure out the way to do this, to multiply 1 * 0 using DateTimePlus. But it was the only way to do this that I could discover.

In the Keyboard Maestro Help menu, select ICU Date Format Reference.


This helped a lot. Thank you.