Date Picker in Apple Numbers

Using Apple Numbers, I often want to drop a future date into a cell for assignment due dates for example and I'd much prefer to use a date picker. I feel that I should just be able to right-click in the cell and choose "Date Picker" and boom, a little calendar pops up. Loads of applications work this way.

Numbers indeed has a date picker, but you have to jump through a few hoops to get there.

  1. Click in cell where you want a date

  2. Go to the menu item Insert / Date & Time to insert today's date & time

  3. Click on the date in the cell and a window will pop up that allows you to format the date. It also has the date picker. If you are editing a cell where you a previously inserted a date, you will have to click a few times to get to the window to appear. One click to select the cell, another to select the date the cell, and a third to get the window to appear.

  4. Click on the date picker icon in the window to open the date picker.

You can use the date picker on cells where you used Insert Date & Time (or copy/pasted one) but apparently not on cells where you have typed a date yourself.

I have crafted up a solution with Keyboard Maestro triggered by a hotkey but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it finds the calendar button to click and sometimes it doesn't

I'm sure someone has a more elegant solution than mine but my goal is to get the date picker as quickly as possible with no friction points.

Thanks in advance,