Deactivate Part Of A Macro

When portions of a macro become temporarily irrelevant, I’d like to put them to sleep without actually deleting them. Any suggestions?

Simple example:

Macro sequentially displays notifications “Yellow,” then “Red,” then “Green.”

How might I (deactivate) the “Red” notification to run like this…

Macro displays “Yellow,” then “Green.”

Thanks, kindly!

Select the part you want to “put to sleep”. Then either right-click and click “disable”, or click the check-mark button at the bottom (the right-most check-mark).

Sweet. That did it!
Thanks, Dan!

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What I usually do is put these actions in a KM Group Action, rename the Group Action to indicate purpose, and then just disable the Group Action. You don’t need to disable the actions within the Group.

This also lets me collapse the Group Action, removing unused clutter.

Thank you. Totally valid. (I, too, have stashed away some fading favorites.)

In this case – I failed to mention – I was actually trying to preserve the location of these macro segments.

I often add gobs of security when I’m writing a macro. Over time, as the macro proves out, I remove my safety net and pick up speed.

Once in awhile, weird things happen, or could happen. (Upgrades can do that to you.)

That’s when I’m looking to run back to my darkened macro segments and turn the lights back on.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Using the Group Action maintains the location of the original Actions:



I do this also. I was totally going to mention this in my original reply, but I must have gotten sidetracked.

Oh. Gotcha.

Thanks for persisting.

You’re turning the Group on and off, instead of clicking each individual entry. Much better. Guess I’ll read up on that.

Your demonstration helped a bunch.

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