Debugging Enhancement

I found this topic here

While for me that would be a welcome addition, What would be very useful for me at least would be the ability to see the debugger and possible variables via the web server and bonus points for the mobile app.

Even just being able to see the variables from the mobile app would be a huge asset.

Thank You
P.S. - I love this app more and more as I continue to use it!

I can imagine this being useful, but I doubt it will happen any time soon.

Along these lines...a suggestion:

Create an Engroup action called Debug. Any actions in this group would only execute if the debugger is active. I often add actions, such as display (a variable, a clipboard, etc), to check the outcome of other actions. I only enable these actions when I'm practically debugging the macro. They are otherwise disabled. I currently color these actions red and enable/disable them individually. If engrouped in a "debug" group, then all these "debugging" actions would enable/disable together.


If there is an environment variable that "sees" whether debugging is active, then the user could create an if/then action where the condition to execute is based on this environment variable. (I'm probably totally misunderstanding environment variables!)

Not a bad idea. In the past I have used variables to track debugging status before dumping out to a log file I have it generate.