Delete First Line of Variable

How can I delete the First Line of the Variable LinkedIn Profile URL whenever The Loop for each "Linkedin Accounts alt " is done?

Every Variable "Linkedin Accounts alt" shouldnt visit the same URLs. Whenever a URL is visited is should be deleted from the list.

I hope you guys can help me.

Thank you!

Test.kmmacros (15.9 KB)


This will do it:


The Variable will be displayed then. I need a solution where The first line in the macro itself will be deleted. How can I do that?

Your Macro seems unique to your setup so I can’t really test it.

But I think what it is doing is going to a list of websites one at a time and for each of those websites doing something for each of a list of users.

A For Each loop working its way down a list will do something for each line on the list, one after the other so, there is probably no need to delete lines in the variable.

One thing I can see in your original macro is that in the nested For Each loops you are using the same Variable name for both the Variable that contains all the lines and for the Variable that is being set to the individual line. I think that is going to cause problems.

This is how it should be set up:

For each (variable name to contain line) in the lines of (variable of all the lines).

For example:
For each Local_Line in the lines of Local_All_Lines

And not:
For each Local_All_Lines in the lines of Local_All_Lines

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