Delete row in excel

Inside Excel, can I use KM to execute the Edit->>Delete then selecting delete row

It can be done, and I might come up with a more robust method for it at some point in the future using Applescript, but in the meantime it should be super simple with two type a keystroke actions.

First one needs Shift+Spacebar (selects current row)
Second one needs Control+Minus (deletes selection, ie, the entire row gets removed from the sheet)


thanks..that will save me time!

Thanks for sharing. :+1:

I've been using Excel for decades, and was not aware of these very useful shortcuts.

Ya! This is excellent tips. At the moment I am using that little shortcut menu above the ribbon but I can see how much faster a KM shortcut can be. Thanks for sharing!

Edit: to add row will be shift space and then ctrlshift=

Thanks. I did not know these shortcuts.
And I can then add that ctrl + Spacebar selects current column.
(so now I need to find a new shortcut for triggering Launchbar) :slight_smile:

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If we're sharing shortcuts I'll just get ahead of everybody :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: