Deleting An Application on MacOS Triggers A Macro With An Unlock Trigger?

I have a macro that runs each time my Mac is unlocked.

However, this macro is also getting triggered whenever I delete an application from the Applications folder.

Any insight?

My guess is that your macro has multiple triggers. You didn't show us your triggers.

But if not, then it's possible your macro is being called by a different macro with the requisite trigger.

One easy way to figure this out is to turn the Debugger on and then make sure "Pause New Macros" is checked. When the macro starts (and then when you try deleting an App in the Applications folder), you should be able to recognize what started it.

Hey Mike,

I'd like to say “No freakin' way!”, but @Sleepy is probably right – you've got a macro somewhere playing fast and loose. Most likely one with a folder trigger.

The debugger is a good option for catching this in the act, and you can also examine the Keyboard Maestro Engine log.

See the Keyboard Maestro Editor Help Menu ⇢ Open Logs Folder.



I made a test macro that just displays large text with a 'When the Mac is unlocked.' trigger. (see pic)
I disabled every macro but that one.
And still, when I delete an application from the Applications folder, it triggers the macro.

Okay, I think I know what's going on. When I delete an app, it asks for my password. And this is being interpreted as unlocking my Mac. Even though it is not locked down in the sense I usually think of.

I just want the macro to trigger when I come back to my Mac after a few hours and unlock it after it was locked due to inactivity.

I'll try the 'Wakes from sleep' trigger.

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